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Family Law - Divorce


Marriage is a deeply personal, life altering event. Many people compare the loss of a marriage to death. If you are filing for divorce, or if you are just considering the possibility of divorce, you need an experienced family lawyer to help you through the divorce process.

The attorneys at Jill Miller and Associates, P.C. have an appreciation for marriage and family life. We never take your case lightly and we make sure that whatever resolution we pursue is the best for you. To speak with a caring and compassionate family law and divorce lawyer, make Contact with us. We will aggressively fight to protect your future.

Divorce in Pennsylvania

A Pennsylvania divorce can proceed in several ways, including:

Mutual consent: Most of the time, when both spouses agree about the terms of the divorce, the parties file affidavits of consent to request that a divorce be granted. The law requires a waiting period of 90 days, but if there are custody or property issues, it generally takes more.

Separation: When both spouses do not agree to the divorce, either party can request a divorce after they have been separated for at least two years.

Fault: 'Divorces for cause' are rarely filed in Pennsylvania anymore. In order to obtain a 'divorce for cause', the spouse seeking the divorce must establish that the other party caused the breakdown of the marriage. A 'divorce for fault' typically costs substantially more money and takes more time to process.

When the Going Gets Tough...don't go it alone...call Jill Miller and Associates, P.C. for all of your divorce needs:

  • Settlement Agreements
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Spousal support
  • Equitable distribution



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